2017 PAcanyon.com Listing   January 1 to December 31, 2017

Please print and fill out this short form, and mail it to:
80 Asaph Run Rd.
Wellsboro, Pa.16901

We will contact you when we have received your form and check.

Your listing includes your business name,
website link, address, phone number(s)
and/or a brief description of your business.
Listings are edited to fit the site format.

Type of Listing
Lodging, Attractions and Restaurants - $199/year
Local Services and Shopping - $149/year

Business Name:______________________________

Contact Name____________________________


City:_____________________________ State:_____ Zip:_______________

Phone number(s): __________________________   _____________________________

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Picture or Logo - appears with your listing.
Please tell us where we can find the image online
We will copy and size it for display.  Add $49
You can get more response to your listing by adding a picture or logo.

Total Amount: $________ make check payable to PAcanyon.com

Thank you!